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“To put it simply, we couldn’t be happier. … But it was only after dealing with you and living in the house for a while that we were able to fully appreciate the quality of construction and the reliable services you provide. … Although we have not needed to call you for any problems or warranty issues, you have been very responsive and helpful with our own projects.   You have even taken it upon yourself to “touch up” certain things that were not satisfactory to you that we weren’t aware of.”

B.L. Liu and Robert L

“Most importantly, we now live in a beautiful, wonderfully constructed home. The interior finish and details are terrific. We lived next door during construction (which was no problem for Robert) and … we observed the high quality of Birchwood Builders’ work in those areas that one cannot see when a house is finished. Our house was completely finished when we moved in …and since then we have had virtually no call backs for problems.”

Gene and Laura H.

“We can attest to [Robert’s] integrity, competence and superlative attention to details. The qualities of the construction, his availability and responsiveness have been truly extraordinary. …We recommend him without reservations and would not hesitate to work with him again.”

Dr. and Cathy A.

 “Robert is relentless in his demands for perfection…He makes sure all work is done in the most professional manner.  … He is always in control of the schedule and the building process and anticipates the next step. He catches mistakes, which naturally occur from time to time, before Owners and Architects do. … Robert is … among the highest quality builders on the North Shore.”

Michael H. (Architect)

“ [Robert] had every aspect of construction detailed so that everyone knew what needed to  be done…. He was at the site every day not only overseeing all details of the construction, but sometimes working himself to demonstrate how he wanted things done. … We always knew what had been completed and what the next step was going to be…. Thank you to Robert and all his professionals for building us a perfect home.”
Susan and Ron B.

“Birchwood Builders were the most professional construction company I have ever worked with on any residential project. … Robert is meticulous, conscientious, and caring. He devotes his heart and soul to a project and understands how the little things will ultimately affect his client’s everyday lives. He is able to effectively manage the day to day issues on the side without drama…”
Victoria E.,  Lighting Design and Architecture.