Detailed cabinetry often has many features, such as crown mouldings, which extend from the standard cabinet depths. Planning for these details so they are properly positioned on walls or when they are near window and door trim is important. To maximize space in this kitchen, cabinet crown ended up very close to the door. However, careful planning and layout ensured the crown did not hit the door casing, and in fact, the door was almost perfectly centered between the cabinet crowns.

The wall around this window was thickened during construction when it was realized the crown above the refrigerator would not land on the wall. To compensate for the already ordered window not being designed for the thicker wall, the area below the window was treated with panels to achieve an attractive inset look for the window and the area below it.

The HVAC vent above the cabinet to the left of the door is an extra kitchen supply we put in all of our kitchens. Kitchens often get hot in the summer when owners are cooking, so we add an extra vent up high to supply cool air (versus the normal first floor supply vents which are in the floor).

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