Details of this carefully planned and executed elliptical foyer. An inset in the wood floor. Curved trim that accurately follows the walls as well as a horizontal panel mould over the openings that has a constant 1/4 inch reveal. The edge of the extra layer of drywall on the ceiling also accurately follows the shape of the ellipse. Lastly, the shape is a true ellipse, not an oval.

These foyer openings were cased with pilasters incorporating features of the classical architectural orders. Fluting was appropriate for the size of the pilasters and terminated before the ends of the flat column section. The base included a round cap, like most classical orders. The column base was designed to be smaller than the base molding so that it could die into the base. At the top, a crown moulding was used as is appropriate over a column or pilaster, along with a small piece of bead. In contrast, on openings with cased sides we usually use a custom door header assembly. When viewed from the front, the opening and assembly are centered in the opening, and the opening was properly sized so that there was room for entire crown moulding, including its returns. This assembly was designed in the field utilizing readily available, stock mouldings.

Notice the fireplace hearth extends past the legs of the mantle so that the legs fully rest on the hearth. This requires some advanced planning, but it looks silly when a mantle leg is half on and half off a hearth.

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