Note the details on the portico. These include angle cut dentil blocks and multiple rake boards.

The close up of the dormer shows the multiple layers of trim and the panelized treatment of the cheeks. Because these are false dormers with roof framing behind them, we install a black panel behind the dormer window to hide the framing beyond.

The gable end is detailed with a return of the gutter and an aluminum shelf. The shelf is angled for drainage. Further, instead of nailing or gluing the shelf to the brick it is regeletted into the brick for a superior seal. The crown, rake and sub rake boards stop above the shelf to ensure their end grain does not absorb water. Of course, the ends of the boards are also primed and painted

At all window openings the last course of bricks below the window head are full height bricks, and above the window head the soldier courses and keystones are also full bricks. This requires that the brick be laid so that the mortar joint occurs right at the top of the window. This is achieved even though the windows are at several different heights. The bricks are not merely cut thinner to accommodate the top of the windows. This takes planning. It also requires that the brick work, floors and window settings be level all the way across the house.

Have you noticed attractive, oftentimes expensive copper, downspouts connected to a plastic pipe going into the ground? This looks unattractive. Instead of plastic pipe coming out of the ground we use cast iron.

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