Note the ogee edge on the countertop which continues on the edge of the tub deck. This ogee also appears on the top of the backsplash and integrally runs into the edge of the bottom shelf in the alcove. The tub deck is made from marble slab instead of marble tile.

The shower opening as been precisely designed so that the casing around it lines up with the casing around the door to the right. The door threshold is made of concrete, not wood which can flex and cause damage to the top, and the waterproofing membrane under the shower floor has been embedded into the concrete to further protect against leaks. The shower seat and threshold top are made of marble slab instead of tile.

The base of the newel post for this exterior was kept well above the flat roof to prevent the bottom of the post from “wicking up” water and rotting. Further, the roofing material was run well up the interior of the post to provide the necessary flashing. Lastly, the base is well caulked for further protection.

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