Robert Weinstein, President of Birchwood Builders, started the company in 1999 after a successful 20-year career in investment banking. Fascinated all his life by architecture, construction and the building trades, Robert decided to change careers to pursue his dream of building homes. He brings to the Company a burning passion for building, a strong financial and business background, and a commitment to getting the job done right.

Birchwood Builders is first and foremost a custom home builder. Although we do build spec houses on an opportunistic basis, our value added is as a general contractor, not a developer. The Company's objective is too become a builder of choice for those building custom homes, not a builder by default because we own desirable land.

In Robert's prior career he was responsible for organizing and executing multi-billion dollar corporate financings and mergers and acquisitions. Like building a home, these projects were long-term, required great care, organization and advanced planning, and needed the assistance and coordination of many parties to be successfully completed. Robert brings the same intense commitment and approach to building homes.

Birchwood Builders is intimately involved in all aspects of the construction of a custom home. Additionally, when possible, we prefer to become involved in the process as early as possible to be a resource in the design process. If a client would like, we can also offer an integrated design/build service.

Once construction commences, Birchwood Builders is intensely involved, supervising, planning and monitoring all aspects of the project. We are on site every day to minimize mistakes and address questions as quickly as possible. Our clients, their architect and suppliers always have immediate access to us to discuss issues on timely basis.

Before starting Birchwood Builders Robert and his wife, Nancy, built their own custom home. They designed the house with their architect and hired a builder to construct it. Going through this process gives Robert a unique insight into the perspectives of both an owner and a builder.


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