Quality Comes First

Quality, quality, quality. Forever referred to, far less often actually provided. Our first and foremost commitment is to quality. With quality comes the best appearance and the best long-term value. No budget is unlimited, so a balance must be struck between cost and quality. However, a sufficient quality level must always be maintained to ensure the health and long term value of your home. You can't add quality later, as you can add other things. That is why "Quality Comes First."

Birchwood Builders builds to a very high quality level. We seek out and excel in high-end projects where high quality is a prerequisite. Many specifications are often left to the builder, and Birchwood Builders has detailed specifications we and our subs follow to ensure a high quality home. At the same time different houses and different sites call for different specifications. Further, different professionals have different opinions on the preferred methodologies and specifications. That is why Birchwood Builders engages in a thorough review of plans and specifications and discusses them with your architect ahead of construction. We would like you to have benefit of our expertise, and we would like to have the benefit of your architect's and your knowledge and preferences.